We invest in the launch and growth of high-quality schools and partner with local leaders to create better public school systems in Fort Worth.

Our Work

  • High-Quality Schools

    We support high-quality public schools in the Fort Worth area that are improving and sustaining student achievement, especially for students of color from low-income backgrounds.

    We have supported national charter school networks to launch in Fort Worth and worked with local school districts to expand innovative new models to improve struggling schools. We want to work with anyone, and any type of school committed to giving every child in Fort Worth access to a quality education.

  • Advocacy and Community Engagement

    We believe all city leaders, not just school boards, have a responsibility to improve the education system, so we work with civic leaders and other organizations to help them understand what’s at stake and craft solutions.

    FWEP believes that parents have can transformative power and should have a much larger voice. To that end, we are working to ensure parents are involved in decision-making and advocating for themselves by investing in parent-led organizations and get out the vote campaigns.

  • Talent

    Increasing access to high-quality education will demand both an increase in the supply of teachers in the Fort Worth area and create the need to increase the quality of teacher pipeline programs.

    FWEP will support the growth and supply of high-quality teachers by supporting educator preparation programs, school leader professional development, and sharing data on the programs that work.

  • Strategic Coordination

    FWEP will support these areas as a contributor and coordinator. As a coordinator, we will encourage collaboration and help make connections between stakeholders and organizations in Fort Worth.


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