We support the launch and growth of high-quality schools and partner with local leaders to create better public school systems in Fort Worth.

Our Work

  • High-Quality Schools

    All kids in Fort Worth deserve to be in a high-quality school that makes their future dreams possible. We put school quality first by committing resources and support to public schools in the Fort Worth area that are improving and sustaining student achievement, especially for students of color and students from under-resourced communities. Discover how your child’s school is performing academically with our Tarrant County School Performance Tool.

  • Advocacy and Community Engagement

    Public schools need supportive environments to succeed. We work with civic leaders, other organizations, and parents and families to ensure access to information about how schools are doing and uplift the voices that are most impacted by our education system. If you’re looking to get involved and are ready to support our public school contact us today!

  • Talent

    High-quality schools require a robust pipeline of teacher and leader candidates and meaningful development opportunities. We identify and invest in innovative programs in teacher and leader preparation, pipelines, and professional development. Our data-driven approach allows us to direct this talent to the area with the greatest need.

  • Strategic Coordination

    A thriving local public education system requires coordination and cooperation.  We act as a connector and coordinator between school systems and stakeholders.


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