• Schools must be at center of the community. Here’s how Rocketship Public Schools will do that in Stop Six

    Finding common ground to forge a path forward feels all but impossible lately. But the challenges we are confronting today are symptoms of a much deeper problem. Great schools are relationship-centered. But in too many schools, those relationships have been allowed to atrophy.

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  • New report shows steep decline in Fort Worth students’ academic performance

    FORT WORTH, Texas – A new report shows the number of students passing this spring’s state reading and math tests declined nearly 30% since 2019 — that means fewer than 3 out of 10 Fort Worth students in tested grades passed. The Fort Worth Education Partnership, a nonprofit organization aiming to bring awareness about the state of learning in the city, released a report Tuesday that examines the number of students who met grade level on the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness exams.

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  • Who suffered most from COVID learning loss in Fort Worth?

    FORT WORTH, Texas – Here’s what a new report says about who suffered most from COVID learning loss in Fort Worth.

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  • ‘Fort Worth kids are in trouble.’

    FORT WORTH, Texas – ‘Fort Worth kids are in trouble.’ Report IDs stark inequity in access to good schools.

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  • New Education Nonprofit’s Report Reveals Citywide School Access Inequity

    FORT WORTH, Texas – Where a student lives in Fort Worth can determine whether they have access to some of the best or worst performing schools in the city, according to a new report from a new education nonprofit. Fort Worth may need to provide more resources to give students fair shot at higher quality instruction.

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  • Rocketship Texas Breaks Ground on Charter School

    FORT WORTH, Texas – Ground was broken in the Stop Six neighborhood of Fort Worth Wednesday on a new charter school. Construction is already underway, and it should be ready by next school year.

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